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I’m going to revise and update this eBook.

It should be available sometime next Spring.

But you can get started on cutting out your paper clutter right now at the basement bargain price of only,



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Cut Out The Paper Clutter eBook



Originally  $9.99 

Close Out Sale Price:   $1.99

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Once your papers filed and organized you’ll spend less time and effort looking for that important paper when you need it.

You’ll learn what papers to keep and what papers you can declutter.

With fewer papers to keep your file drawers won’t be so stuffed.

Here are the 10 areas that are covered in the eBook.

1. Reducing Paper Clutter Coming Into The Home

2. Magazines and Other Subscriptions

3. Misc. Papers: Invitations, Fliers, & Announcements

4. Paper Memories

5. Receipts & Utility Bills

6. Warranties & Instruction Manuals

7. Health Records

8. Financial & Tax Records

9. Papers On Your Home & Other Assets

10. Storage Solutions


Don’t let all those piles of papers put you in a bad mood. Take control now by buying the 

Cut Out The Paper Clutter

eBook today. Start working on the tips a few at a time and before long your paper piles

and junk mail will be a thing of the past.

You’ll be thanking yourself for years to come.


Yes, I want to take control of my Paper Clutter!

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When you buy Cut Out the Paper Clutter eBook you’ll also receive the

Cut Out The Paper Clutter Workbook

This workbook is filled with 7 forms for to print out.

All these forms are mentioned in the appropriate chapters along with instructions either in the chapter or in the workbook.

You’ll be able to make a Personal Medical History for each member of your family.

Fill out the Household Inventory List and be prepared if a disaster occurs.

This list will also let you see at a glance how many items you really do own!

So get both e-Books on this close out sale for

Only $1.99



Only $1.99


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Both eBooks are in a PDF and ready for instant download.

Once you are through the payment process you’ll receive an email with links to download the eBooks.

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