This eBook is currently unavailable.


I’m in the process of updating and revising this eBook.



Cut Out The Paper Clutter eBook





With it so much easier and affordable now more people are learning to store their important papers digitally.

That helps eliminate a lot of extra papers.  I will be adding a whole new chapter on this topic.


I will keep the current e-Course available until the updated eBook is published. 

Although each lesson of the course corresponds to a chapter in the old eBook (see the chapter topics below) you will have enough information to completed each project.


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I do write blog posts about paper clutter/organization at this time of year.

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Here are the 10 areas that are covered in the eBook.

1. Reducing Paper Clutter Coming Into The Home

2. Magazines and Other Subscriptions

3. Misc. Papers: Invitations, Fliers, & Announcements

4. Paper Memories

5. Receipts & Utility Bills

6. Warranties & Instruction Manuals

7. Health Records

8. Financial & Tax Records

9. Papers On Your Home & Other Assets

10. Storage Solutions